Governors of Maryland Proprietary Leonard Calvert (Period: 1633-1645 ) Richard Ingle (usurper) (Period: 1645 ) Edward Hill (chosen by the council) (Period: 1646 ) Leonard Calvert (Period: 1646-1647 ) Thomas Greene (Period: 1647-1649 ) William Stone (commissioners […]


History The state constitution of 1867, the one now in force, has been frequently amended, all that is required for its amendment being a three-fifths vote of all of the members elected to each of the two houses of the General Assembly, followed by a majority vote of the state electorate, and […]

Administration of Justice

History The administration of justice is entrusted to a court of appeals, circuit courts, special courts for the city of Baltimore, orphans’ courts, and justices of the peace. Exclusive of the city of Baltimore, the state is divided into seven judicial circuits, in each of which are elected […]